Docencia de la Formación Profesional para el Empleo Privado

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Whether you are from Lanzarote or Gran Canaria. The Teaching Certificate for Vocational Training for Private Employment is a 100% OFFICIAL course ,  taught to respond to the high demand for this training.

Aimed at: Residents of Lanzarote  and Gran Canaria.

Price: € 600 , with the possibility of payment per training module.

* Special price due to the current economic situation derived from the pandemic.

Modality:  Teletraining, through a virtual classroom. Contents included.

With this official qualification, you will be able to teach in the public and private spheres, in centers or entities that provide professional training for employment, both for active workers, unemployed workers, as well as special groups.

You will be able to perform the following professions:

Non-regulated training trainer.
Trainer for employment
Trainer of trainers.

Name: Teaching of vocational training for employment.
Code : SSCE0110
Professional family: Sociocultural and Community Services.
Professional area: Training and Education
Level of professional qualification : 3
Professional qualification of reference: SSC448_3 Teaching of training for employment. (RD 1096/2011, of July 22,

Program, teach, tutor and evaluate training actions of the
vocational training subsystem for employment, developing and using materials, means and
didactic resources, guiding on the training itineraries and professional opportunities
offered by the labor market in their specialty, permanently promoting
the quality of training and didactic updating.

Classroom training:

Certificate of professionalism: 340 hours.
Labor Insertion, environmental awareness and gender equality: 10 hours.

Business Internship Module: 40 hours.

Total: 390 hours Training modules:

MF1442_3: Didactic programming of training actions for employment. (60
MF1443_3 : Selection, preparation, adaptation and use of
teaching materials, means and resources in vocational training for employment (90 hours).
MF1444_3: Teaching and tutoring of training actions for employment (100
– UF1645: Delivery of training actions for employment (70 hours).
– UF1646: Tutoring of training actions for employment (30 hours).
MF1445_3: Evaluation of the teaching-learning process in vocational
training for employment (60 hours).
MF1446_3: Job orientation and promotion of quality in vocational training
for employment (30 hours).
MP0353: Module of non-labor professional practices of Teaching in training
for employment (40 hours).
FCOO03: Labor insertion, environmental awareness and gender equality. (10 hours).

The training INCLUDES 40 hours of internships in real companies, which will allow you to apply what you have learned.

At Akacenter we take it very seriously that you find a job, in fact, we have been awarded as the study center with the most labor insertion in the Canary Islands (according to data from the Canarian Employment Service). With this Certificate you can access the following jobs:

2329.1010 Non-regulated training trainer.
2329.1029 Non-regulated occupational training trainer.
2329.1029 Occupational trainer.
2329.1029 Job Trainer
2321.1034 Trainer of trainers.


Professional field: He
develops his professional activity in the public and private sphere, in centers or entities that provide professional training for employment, both for active workers, unemployed workers, as well as to special groups. His professional performance is carried out in companies, organizations and entities of a public or private nature, which provide training on their own or third parties. In the development of professional activity, the principles of universal accessibility are applied in accordance with current legislation.

Access requirements:

Academic access requirements, meet any of the following requirements:

Be in possession of the title of Bachelor, Superior Degree or equivalent.
Be in possession of a certificate of professionalism of the same level of the training m

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